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Who's wanting a hair colour change after lockdown?!

Always been brunette but fancy going blonde? Naturally blonde but fancy going on-trend peach post-lockdown? I firmly believe you can pull off having your hair any colour, provided the tone is right…. So make sure you find an awesome colourist post-lockdown!

Thankfully I read recently that Josh Wood, Creative Director for Colour at Wella Professionals (the brand we proudly use at HK Hair) agrees! Like me, he suggests the world is your oyster and only the imagination of you and your stylist are your limitations in picking an alternative colour. He says, “I firmly believe you can be any colour as long as the tone and hue of the shade suits the skin tone and eye colour”.

So, if any colour could be suitable, here is my breakdown of how you could achieve the colour you’ve always wanted, but been scared to choose! Please do always discuss this with your colourist too, as major hair colour changes at home do not always go to plan….

Want to find out if blondes have more fun?

If your hair is currently dark, the easiest and most cost effective way to go blonde is having balayage technique through the ends. This beautiful, modern technique creates a colour gradient by maintaining dark roots but lifting the ends of the hair and contouring around the face. Balayage is easy maintenance and low commitment as it does not require regular root colours. If you are naturally dark and go blonde at the root, the maintenance required to keep your roots at bay could be every 4-6 weeks, so think carefully before you commit.

Fiery red more your thing?

Red is the powerhouse of colour in my opinion as it calls for true commitment if it is not natural for the maintenance it requires. Red typically fades fastest, so colour top-ups in salon or using ColorFresh by Wella (available from HK Hair) at home are essential if you committed to vibrant tones. To keep your colour looking natural, a shimmer of red tone is the best way to test the waters – so if you are brunette you could try a mahogany sheen, or if you are blonde, then a rose gold toner would be stunning. Toners are a great way of trying colour as they are low commitment, usually fading after 6-12 washes depending on the product, and a great way of testing colour for the first time too! As I personally have dark hair and pale skin, red and violet tones have been my main hair colour palette for some time – there is so much choice!

Join the dark side with brunette?

Brunette overall is the easiest colour to transition to, both in terms of coverage as well as suiting most skin tones. The best results in my opinion are to keep the overall look multi-tonal so the colours are softly complementing each other – dark block colours can easily look gothic even if that was not the intention! If your hair is naturally light, opt for warmer tones and avoid going darker than a rich chocolate if you want it to look natural. Remember to start lighter, as going darker is always possible – however going lighter again if you change your mind is much trickier. I always encourage my clients to start with a semi-permanent colour too. I use ColorTouch by Wella Professionals in salon as the shine, condition and depth of tone are incredible. It not only covers up to 70% grey but also has a slight fade on the roots as your hair grows so avoids harsh regrowth lines.

Statement shades

I cannot tell you how much I love creating and seeing vibrant statement hair colours. Whether it is because you have a “don’t care” attitude or fully embrace who you are – they just bring me pure joy. I have one word of caution though… they are high maintenance. Your colour will need to be topped up regularly, with either more regular salon visits or take-home hair colour products. I was lucky enough to see Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon, who are famed for their Instagram vibrant colour “bleeds”, speak at Salon International 2019. When I asked her how she manages her clients’ expectations on how long their colour will last, she said “I explain that their colour will fade immediately, and then ensure they have taken products to maintain the colour at home.” For a more manageable solution, adding vibrant tips, panels or under-colours offers a fantastic compromise and can complement existing colours.

Whatever your colour choices, always invest in colour saving shampoo and conditioner as advised by your stylist. You invest time and money in creating your colour, so do not waste your effort and that of your colourist by using inferior products that will only help to fade all that investment in between visits. Have a look at my YouTube video on the very subject ...

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