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What Hair Brush Should I use - I hear you ask!

So much about getting great hair at home is down to what you use. Which comb? Well there’s wide tooth, pintail, afro and detangler. Brushes? Well there is even more choice! Round, paddle, backcomb, flat, ceramic, natural… the list goes on and so do the pricing options!

Here are my key items to use for everyday styling for the most common hair challenges…

Thick Hair

Those with thick hair will know, you use the wrong tool and ‘the frizz’ will only grow!

To achieve straight long hair, a curved paddle brush is my favourite as it smooths the hair cuticles as well as giving a large surface area for drying. To achieve volume and loose waves, then a large round brush is perfect. For tighter curls, rough dry your hair until it is around 80% dry then just use a slightly smaller round brush, drying one section at a time and then leaving the hair in its curl shape until it is cool. If you are tempted to touch the curls when they are still warm, they will likely drop! Once the curls have cooled, use your fingers to gently loosen the curls and encourage movement. A little hair product on the tips of your fingers will help with this too.

Wavy Hair

Wide tooth combs or Tangle Teezers are my go-to for preparing wet, wavy hair… my own included! I like to follow up blow drying wavy hair with a ceramic or natural bristle, large round brush which helps create shine and smooth control. If I am embracing the natural waves, then naturally drying in a twisted shape can be transformed into beachy waves by using a soft bristle dressing out brush, or just your fingers, to expand the waves in a touchable way once the hair is completely dry.

Straight Hair

Even naturally straight hair needs some guidance when drying, and always remember – for thicker hair, use a paddle brush with a larger surface area. Tangle Teezers are great for prepping the hair before blow drying, and are gentle on the hair when wet or dry. For poker straight hair, lightly spray a little hairspray - I use Mystify Me Light by Wella Professionals - onto your brush and brush it through your hair for a smooth mirror finish. For creating movement on straight hair, use a round brush with natural bristles to create movement and volume.

Fine Hair

Those with fine hair will know… creating volume on fine hair requires working a little harder than the other hair types. It is essential to have a great and regular haircut (when lockdown is eased!) and typically shorter hair is easier to add width and volume to. I like to use a smaller round brush at the root when drying to create volume, and then a larger round brush on the mid to ends to smooth the hair, adding width. For a graduated bob, drying the hair with a small paddle fr

om side to side, even over the parting and across the back, will add volume and body. If you dry your hair in the opposite direction to where the hair naturally sits, then blast with cool air from your dryer you will have ‘set’ your roots in place … just avoid moisture and humidity!

I hope this has given you some guidance about what to use to achieve the look you want. Visit my YouTube channel for video tutorials to help you keep your lockdown hair looking its best! This will be a great one to start with ...

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