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Preparing your hair for a big event!

Party season is upon us and we are excited to be sharing so many days with incredible party prep. As well as the incredible services we offer in salon for event hair, weddings are also celebrations we love! We travel to wherever the wedding party is getting ready- both locally or internationally! We don’t just help with parties and weddings though! Festival hair, proms, holiday prep and your everyday needs can be supported at HK Hair, based at Furtho Manor Farm (just 8 minutes from CMK). We are proud to be an inclusive, completely accessible, and sustainable hair salon and wellness space- check out our website, socials or book a free consultation to find out more!

If you are getting married this year, attending an event or going on a trip, then we have THREE top tips to get your tresses event ready for all lengths and textures:

Three tips to prep for event ready hair:

1/ To Trim or Not to Trim? - my most essential advice to prepare your hair for an event would be a prebooked schedule with your hairdresser, to ensure your hair is in tip top condition! Regular trims are essential to ensure this, as are your pre-event hair colours agreed and booked. Create a Pinterest board (or similar) to help plan your overall look. We carry out free consultations with clients to help with their vision prior to the end itself.

2/ Look after the inside – the build up to an event can be stressful. Please ensure you are managing to self care. It is common to lose an average of 100 hairs a day, however if you notice any increase this could be due to a variety of reasons. Many people regularly experience some seasonal hair loss, however this could also be due to stress or a deficiency, iron or vitamin D are particularly common, resolved often by a good multi-vitamin. If you do ever have any concerns though, please ensure you contact your GP for advice.

3/ Protect your hair – invest in good quality shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist! Deep conditioning masks for longer hair and head massages for all hair lengths will help stimulate growth. Always remember your scalp is skin too and UV protection is essential as the weather gets warmer.

We offer complimentary consultations for all treatments so drop us a message if we can help more!

(Owner: Hannah Klewpatinond keeping a beautiful Lucie Green Courture head dress "safe" on a recent photoshoot!)

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