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Introducing HK Wellness – Celebrate with Us!

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

A hub of beauty, holistic therapy, nutrition and calm in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside – what could be better for your body, mind and spirit?

It’s been my dream to bring together a collective of local businesses and practitioners who all have the same vision as I do in HK Hair – to provide exceptional, inclusive and sustainable wellness services to everyone who wants to access them. And I’m so proud to be launching HK Wellness, the brand new sibling business for HK Hair.

Here’s a little more about how it came about, who’s involved, and what we value – along with your invitation to join us for an evening of relaxation, celebration, and early access to wellness of all kinds for the rest of the year!

The HK Celebrations

I’ve been wanting to celebrate my HK Hair business, our beautiful new venue and my wonderful clients for such a long time. HK Hair started five years ago in my home salon, and we moved into our beautiful new location at Furtho Manor Farm in the middle of the pandemic – not the best time for an official opening! This whole two years was a tough time for so many salons, and I’m grateful beyond words that so many of my original clients stuck with me, and are still returning customers as we come out the other side. That’s a reason to celebrate on its own, and to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Since then, all sorts of plans and dreams have come together. We’ve welcomed two new self-employed stylists, and an apprentice from MK College, who all join me in the salon. I’ll be increasing my hours in the business as my youngest increases her hours in nursery too – and of course there’s my Mum, Jean, who’s still doing one day a week in HK Hair, and is celebrating almost 55 years in the hairdressing business!

But that’s not all…Over the last month our physical space at Furtho has doubled and I’m finally able to realise the dream I’ve held for some time, and launch HK Wellness.

HK Wellness – What’s the Idea?

My plan when I started HK Hair was to style from the inside out. Your hair should make you feel good as well as look good – and when you’re experiencing a problem with your hair or scalp, I always work with you to find out what else is going on in life that could be affecting it.

This Whole Person approach to health – physical, mental, emotional – is so important to me, and now that I have the space to do so, I want to offer a whole range of wellness options to my clients, through our own staff and local businesses who share my vision and values.

The collective will be working from our Furtho space on rotation, using our larger room and smaller treatment rooms as appropriate, for a range of group events and one to ones. I’ve got personal experience of each one of them, and I’m so happy to be working with businesses who share the same goals and values as I do. Here’s a little more about that…

The HK Values

I have always been passionate about providing a high standard of hairdressing and the wellness that brings, a service that is supportive, safe, inclusive, and accessible for everyone. That goes for the people working here, as well as our clients.

Simply put, anyone who wants to visit or work with HK Hair – and now HK Wellness – can do so with dignity and respect, and within a safe space.

We’re wheelchair friendly, throughout our facilities including at our hairwashing and styling stations. We offer a discreet, private service for clients who request it – perhaps if they are going through gender transition; are suffering significant hair loss through alopecia or chemotherapy or may usually wear a hijab. We’re supportive of additional needs you may have, and use vegan-friendly products.

I also want to make HK Wellness a workplace that actually contributes to our team’s good mental health, and is not just a job that has to be endured for the working day. I’m certified in Mental First Aid at Work, and apply the ethos of dignity and respect as equally to staff as clients. Being out in the countryside is good for the soul on its own, and there is no daily parking nightmare to negotiate with plenty of spaces!

I’m also passionate about sustainability, and making sure that everything we do either helps or doesn’t harm our planet. All of our hub businesses share this vision too.

The Event

I’d love you to come along to our celebration and launch event at 6:30pm on Friday 9 September, where there will be bubbles, nibbles, and some tasters of what our collective of businesses will be offering.

You’ll get priority access on the night to all the HK Wellness businesses for Furtho-based appointments to the end of 2022, so you can book your treatments all the way up to Christmas.

Please register for this FREE event with this link, and let us know you’ll be coming:

It’s a privilege to be sharing our journey with you, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you into our new, growing HK Hair and HK Wellness space. I can’t tell you how excited I am that we can finally come together and celebrate the past, present and future in one night!

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