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What haircut will suit me? Get the lowdown!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

With hair salons closed for at least 100 days, there is going to be some serious restyling to be had now we have reopened our doors. Here is a breakdown of our favourite cuts of the moment to start to plan your post lockdown do!


I’ll kick off with my all time favourite cut.. for myself as well as others! The LOB, or long bob, was first showcased by Victoria Beckham about ten years ago but continues to make comebacks. I love a polished bob for its precision, but also its flexibility to start a client’s transformation. If your hair is long, then having this bob cut, to rest just above your collar bone, is the perfect compromise to test the waters between having shorter hair and a dramatic change, but also long enough to grow out rapidly too. It’s also worth mentioning that this style would still be easy to tie up too.


This cut, when done well, remains iconic and still really relevant. Beautiful to highlight petite features, or perfect to add width to longer faces with a little increased length at the front. If you have a square or round face, push your parting to the side to create change to the balance. The Bob could sit anywhere from the jaw, down to the shoulder depending on your features, and be styled as smooth and polished or textured and beachy.


These are best suited on heart-shaped faces, but for other face shapes these can still be an option. For longer face shapes, a little length and texture on the sides will provide some balance. Alternatively, simply leave the length a little longer on the top which will create a boyish look and make it feel less severe. This style in particular requires much more maintenance, so as well the initial bravery required in some instances, please be mindful you will need to have a trim much more often. Definitely a post-lockdown commitment in my opinion!


A modern choppy haircut with incredible all over layers, is an adaptable look and can be the most flattering all-rounder. They should look edgy, low maintenance and little grown-out at the point of leaving the salon. When done well, they have the potential to add volume to fine hair, as well as diffuse the bulk of thick hair too! As with all cuts, the most important factor with this style is how the hair is shaped around the face. For shorter foreheads, get longer layers across the front sections, but for longer face shapes opt for a side parting to soften.


This long, flattering hairstyle can be versatile to suit any face as well as being either one-length or even layered. Soft layers around the jaw line will have a contouring affect which is perfect for softening longer faces. Keeping one-length at the ends will ensure your hair will look modern and current. Those with round-face shapes look awesome with a grown-out fringe and side partings.

If you are considering having more than 7” cut off the length of your hair, I will be ensuring my clients keep The Little Princess Trust in mind. That is the minimum length they need to help make wigs for children experiencing childhood hair loss, and HK Hair can help you to donate your cut locks to them. Please do check out their work at

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